CRA provides training that is designed and tailored to the functional needs of our customers in law enforcement, firefighting, emergency planning, public health, emergency response, and transportation services. CRA offers training classes that are customized to ensure a more effective learning experience.

CRA partners and contracts with consultants, companies, and professional trainers representing a variety of subject matter expertise. CRA has a 30 year history of providing excellent training conducted by individuals with demonstrated excellence as an instructor with specific competencies in their specific area of expertise.


Since 2005, CRA has provided contracted analysts to several State and major urban area intelligence fusion centers throughout the U.S., as well as to the Federal government. Our analysts are frequently praised for their professionalism and experience, and have been critical to several successful and high-profile law enforcement operations in recent years. CRA has been an established employee-centric business for 30 years, and we pride ourselves in providing a high degree of corporate support to each of our field-deployed analysts.


CRA creates an in-depth analysis of threats and current plans and procedures and uses assessments to evaluate the ability of organizations and individuals at every level to identify and respond to potential threats. Assessment results serve as the basis for tailored solutions and plans to address future client needs.


Successful programs involve validating prevention, interdiction, mitigation, response, recovery, and resilience capabilities through training and exercising activities. CRA works with its clients to establish a culture of preparedness that includes solid training and exercise programs. The best way to develop and validate preparedness capabilities is to conduct seminars, workshops, tabletops, drills, functional, full-scale exercises. CRA’s exercise professionals develop, design, conduct, and evaluate exercises that are specifically tailored to any preparedness objective. CRA has conducted thousands of exercises since 1984, which have shaped and supported this nation’s preparedness goals. The approach CRA takes not only ensures that the exercises reflect the nation’s best practices, but also a continued commitment to advancing organizational preparedness across a locality, jurisdiction, or region..