At CRA, our success is built upon our ability to meet the specialized needs and requirements of our clients. Our commitment to developing and delivering successful solutions and services has been the foundation of our core business practices for nearly three decades.

We come from the communities we serve. We understand the needs and share the concerns of our clients and take our responsibility seriously. We are honored to provide the important services that keep our country safe.


Established in 1984, CRA is a nationally-recognized leader in the fields of homeland security, emergency management, planning, training, and exercises. Our staff is drawn from the communities we serve—including law enforcement, military, fire services, and emergency management, and each of our talented professionals bring real-world experience in preventing and responding to all-hazards emergencies of varying scope, size, and complexity. Our staff of full-time professionals and our nationwide network of “on-call” subject-matter experts are highly regarded for their knowledge and skills in terrorism prevention, critical infrastructure protection and resilience, emergency management, information sharing and intelligence analysis, and law enforcement.


As we enter our fourth decade of existence, CRA continues to be an industry leader in all-hazards training, exercise delivery, and the provision of criminal and intelligence analysts. We remain on the forefront of several national security and preparedness initiatives. We are currently conducting a breakthrough series of active shooter training and exercise projects nationwide. We also staff qualified intelligence and criminal analysts at fusion centers and real-time crime centers and continue expanding programs to secure positions in multiple departments throughout the country.


CRA is now offering Hazmat certification trainingcourses online

Our Successes

Since 9/11, we have provided technical assistance to more than 3,000 public agencies and private sector organizations in 50 States, 5 U.S. Territories, and several foreign nations. We have trained more than 150,000 first responders; and successfully conducted well over 1,000 exercises.

Throughout our 30-year history, CRA has supported a variety of Federal, State, local, private, and international clients, including:

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Department of Justice
United States Marine CorpsCRA clients
United States Coast Guard
New York City Police Department
City of Boston
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
New Jersey Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness
Policia de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Police Department)
Major League Baseball
National Football League

In addition, CRA has provided extensive training and exercise support for several high-profile National Special Security Events (NSSE), including:

The 2009 and 2005 Presidential Inaugurations
2004 G8 Summit in Sea Island, GA
2004 Republican National Convention in New York City
2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston
2002 Salt Lake City Olympics in Salt Lake City.