CRA…over 30 years of experience
in risk and threat management

Today’s risk environment is comprised of a diverse mix of threats and hazards including terrorism, active shooters, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and pandemics. As a leading provider of homeland security and emergency preparedness services, CRA’s core business areas have evolved to address the ever-changing threat landscape. Examples of our areas of expertise and the markets we serve/have served are provided below:

Active Shooter

The frequency of active shooter incidents in the U.S. has tripled since 2009, and the number of victims killed in active shooter incidents has also increased nearly 150 percent in the last four years. Recent examples are abundant. From the Century 21 Movie Theater in Aurora, Colorado; to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut; and the Navy Yard in Washington, DC; active shooter events are proving to be an ever-present threat requiring constant review and improvement of prevention, protection, and response plans, polices, and procedures.

Cyber Security

CRA has assisted the many private sector entities with a comprehensive understanding of cyber threats and the need to sustain a workforce that is ready for such a threat. Some of the tools/services include:

Cyber Security Strategy And Planning
Cyber Security Toolkits
Cyber Workforce
Workplace and Workforce Assessments

Law Enforcement

As national models to combat crime and terrorism continue to evolve, CRA’s support to law enforcement has expanded to currently include the provision of contracted criminal analysts, watch analysts, crime scene investigation (CSI) experts, and ballistics experts. Our full-time law enforcement staff of experts work side by side with state and local clients on all aspects of law enforcement.

Camden County, New Jersey recently contracted CRA to stand up a new capability that manages the collection, analysis, and sharing of tactical criminal information and intelligence in real-time.


CRA partnered for 11 years with the HQMC Plans, Policies, and Procedures (PP&O) Security Division (PS) to prevent, identify, respond to, and mitigate the continually-changing threats posed to the USMC mission. As part of this contract, CRA provided direct support for the development of a biometrics program, where CRA outlined emerging USMC Identity Operations Strategy 2020 and assisted in the Combat Development and Integration Division the Biometric capabilities.


When disaster strikes, does your organization have the policies, plans procedures and personnel capabilities to respond in a timely and efficient manner? CRA’s Emergency Management Services focus on the tactical response to an emergency or disaster that specifically focuses on protecting your personnel and your assets while responding to an incident, taking the steps to mitigate damages, communicating and coordinating with internal and external stakeholders, bringing the situation under control, and recovering. CRA services include developing emergency management plans, evacuation procedures, personnel training and conducting tabletops, drills and exercises.


Since the creation of our Intelligence Services Division in 2005, CRA has offered a variety of intelligence products and services to meet the changing needs of our clients. Every day, field-deployed CRA analysts in state and major urban area Fusion Centers and other sites collect, analyze, and integrate threat-related information, author analytical products, and brief decision-makers at all levels of government. CRA’s intelligence services have vastly expanded throughout the last decade.